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We combine our own expertise with a long detailed knowledge of customer needs in Amec Foster Wheeler s.r.o in order to provide optimal solutions in the field of environment to all our partners in industry, energy, transport, trade, logistics, mining, waste management and other field.

Environmental impact assessment (EIA)

What EIA is?

EIA is one of the tools of environmental protection against potentially negative impact of new construction projects. It is a systematic investigation of possible impacts on environment prior to the construction. The emphasis is on public involvement and on comparative investigation of alternative solutions.

From the legislative point of view, the EIA process in the Czech Republic is based on the Act No 100/2001 and Act No. 93/2004 col., which stipulates all factual and formal requirements of the EIA process. All extensive projects are subject to the assessment. Other projects might be subject to the assessment if so stipulated in the preparatory stage. Construction projects, which require EIA assessment, are listed in the Enclosure l to the Legislation. Generally speaking, any important project in the field of energy, industry, transport, public building, waste, minerals mining, water, agriculture and forestry is subject to the EIA process.

EIA process starts with the EIA notice, which is submitted to the appropriate authority, i.e. Ministry of Environment or relevant Regional Government for it to be made public. The relevant authority then decides if further assessment is needed. The EIA documentation is then produced for projects which are subject to further assessment.

Following the recent change of the legislation No 100/2001 Co. (No 216/2007) it is possible in Category I projects to submit the documentation directly to the appropriate authority and thus to shorten the process by eliminating the EIA notice. The documentation is made public, expert review is provided and the process of EIA is completed by public hearing and decision of the appropriate authority.

Services provided:

We provide professional service to our customers, for which we have all the necessary background expertise and knowhow. Amec Foster Wheeler s.r.o is presently one of the leading companies specializing in the EIA process, with hundreds of successfully completed projects of various degrees of complexity. We employ experts in all fields  of environmental impact. Three of our experts are holders of the EIA Authorization issued by the Ministry of Environment. Following is the selection from our activities: